Beach Writing

Write in the sand what you want to wash away.

  • fear
  • hatred
  • anger
  • grief
  • overwhelm
  • exhaustion
  • confusion
  • pain
  • financial troubles
  • lack of safety
  • struggle
  • strife
  • despair

Write it near the edge of the water

as the tide is coming in, so that the waves will wash it out, wash it away, and clear you in the process.

Sit and watch it get washed away

Bless it

Will that it be removed from your life

Bless the places in you that it was

Fill them with love, light, and Life

Fill them with Peace

Fill them with Joy

Bless yourself

Bless your life

Bless your loved ones

Give thanks for all that you have that you enjoy and are grateful for.

Alternate NonWord Version

If words can’t express, or you don’t want anyone reading things, use your hands instead.

Go right to the edge of the water, with just a centimeter to an inch of water.

Scootch down.

Place your palms flat down onto the sand.

Push through your hands and into the sand everything you want to let go of.  Push.  Let go.

Stand up and back away immediately, out of the reach of the water.

Let it wash away everything you are clearing from yourself.

Give thanks for the help in releasing, clearing, and healing.

Relax, drink in the day, the breezes, the sun, the sky, the birds, children laughing, the Divine blessing you.