Architecture Bubble

When a bubble for protection just doesn’t seem strong enough, use architecture.

It works the same way, using inner visualization and projection of a concept. 

But different moods, personalities, and situations sometimes call for different approaches.

I like this architecture bubble because it looks and feels strong while at the same time letting in light.

Business is going on underneath/inside, but the outside has a strong, firm, reinforced layer of protection.

How To Do It

  • Imagine yourself surrounded by a building of glass windows reinforced by steel framework designed to hold up to heavy-duty storms and earthquakes.
  • Any negative energies directed at you bounce off.
  • All love, light, joy, peace, prosperity, wellness, friendship flow in.
  • The barrier helps you to discern the difference between real positivity and that which is fake, sent like a Trojan horse.  You sense it before it can affect you, and the barrier keeps it out.
  • Like a pair of sturdy shoes, you must take this off when you don’t need it.  Let your self breathe, feel your spirit and energy.
  • With practice, you’ll get better and better at putting this up and at sensing yourself, knowing the difference between You and garbage that people throw on to you.


Welcome! This is part of the Get Your Life Back Program. It takes commitment and investment! If you are ready, book your enrollment call. Capacity is limited so let's talk. I promise it's worth it!

Welcome! This is part of the Get Your Life Back Course. Are you ready? Please invest here.

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