Adrenals help regulate

  • metabolism
  • sleep cycles
  • energy
  • immune system

Repairing and restoring the adrenal system is key to recovering from abuse.

When you’re stressed, they’re what make that “turbo-boost” feeling that gives you extra energy for fight or flight.

That reaction is designed for emergencies,

for single-incident accidents, attacks, unusual things.

When you’re surviving abuse, however, it becomes a regular thing, and burns your body out.

Especially if you can’t use that adrenaline, which the adrenal glands produce, and burn it off, out of your body.

If you were threatened, but weren’t able to run or take physical action to protect yourself, the very hormone which is there to help you then starts to sort of eat away at your body.

And the “adrenaline tank” needs to replenish itself.

This takes both time and an un-stressed state so that your body can re-fill its adrenaline supply.

That’s why you begin to feel better as soon as you get away from the abuser.

But then repair work needs to be done for your body, spirit, and mind.

You’ve been thinking, feeling, and operating in a way that enabled you to survive those traumas, but now you need to unwind, disconnect, and heal.

Basic Bio Info

Adrenal glands are small pyramid-shaped glands located on top of both kidneys. They produce hormones that help regulate your metabolism, immune system, blood pressure, response to stress and other essential functions.  They’re part of your endocrine system.  When working well, they work with your thyroid to help create and regulate your energy levels and “sleep-ability”.

Cortisol is another hormone that’s ramped up and pumped out when you’re under serious stress.  Cortisol and adrenaline work together, and need to be healed together.  Your sleep pattern will improve greatly, which will help your body, mind, and spirit to heal much more quickly, and you’ll see a huge jump in your healthy every-day energy levels.

Physical Exercise

is one of the very best ways to help burn up excess adrenaline.  If you don’t burn it up/out, you may end up feeling very anxious.  Anxiety then can lead into a cycle with depression and frustration.

Healing these things is best done starting simply,

with whatever feels best to you, whatever your spirit feels right with.  It’s perfectly ok to start easy, for instance with essential oils which help your body immediately through your limbic system (translation: smell the right thing and it can lower your blood pressure.  one example.).

There’s no need to cause further stress in the process of trying to heal.

In fact, you want to squelch all stress down as much as possible.


30 minutes of heart-pumping exercise each day is your goal

Start where you are, do what you can, then gradually build up as it feels better and better.

Yes, I’m saying that if you’re not used to exercising, it’s going to suck in the beginning.  It just does.  You’ve got a back-log of crap in your system, your system is sluggish, and it takes work to get going.

Richard Simmons It

I love Richard Simmons’ approach to exercise.  Start small, work your way up.  If you haven’t moved your body an inch in 20 years, doing wrist rolls will seem like alot in the beginning.  But your body will love you for it.  It is craving movement and loving attention. 

Give yourself that love, and your body will give it back.

My fav is dancing.