White Sage Smudge Bundles


White Sage Smudge Sticks – 6-4″ Sage Bundles – Perfect Sage Smudge Stick Smudging Kit Replenishment

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I use these every day, and have for years.

SAGE SMUDGE STICK - 6 - 4" White Sage Wands tied with 100% cotton string
CALIFORNIA WHITE SAGE – (Salvia Apiana) Grown primarily in high desert ecosystems, this evergreen shrub was well known to Indigenous American and used for its healing properties to drive out negative and evil spirits
SPIRITUAL CLEANSING: New Home or Office? Need to clear the mind for a meditation or yoga session? Finding yourself in a “spiritually low” mood? Clear negative energies with a smudging ritual and create a space for healing and positive energies to take over
SMUDGE KIT - Perfect replenishment for your smudging ritual