VIP Half Day


Self-Care & Spiritual Coaching ~ 3 hours

+ complimentary access to the Heal Your Power Center Course (worth $333)


Feel better just “being there.”

Heather Cate’s coaching is legendary.  Clients consistently say they feel better just being in her presence.

Energy healing is real and it doesn’t take any effort on your part.

Heather’s wisdom, intuitive insight, and encouragement plus depth of knowledge help you to clear emotional and spiritual wounds and get guidance and a game plan to move forward in a way you really like.


You are valuable!  Treat yourself today.

Clients Say:

“Totally worth it!!” ~ Haley D

“Heather read for me and told me how my business was going to thrive and what it visually would look like.  She hit every point perfectly.  I needed reassurance that I was on the right track and she provided.” ~ The Wild Soul

“Will definitely be using techniques Heather has taught me.  Her readings are 100% worth it.” ~ Jennifer K.

“I already feel the tension releasing.  I appreciate your energy and time, thank you.  I’ve cleared a lot, but even tho I do it for others sometimes I need help too.” ~ The Wild Soul

“You won’t regret getting a reading from Heather — definitely worth it!” ~Jaycie Shaw

No refunds or chargebacks ever.

This transformation requires kick-ass, hard-core commitment.  From both of us.  If you’re in, I’m in.  Tap here to read the Terms & Conditions.

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