Tea Infuser Mug 20 Ounce ~ Sweese

These gorgeous mugs are my every-day go-to’s.  I make calendula tea every morning, plus often have black tea throughout the day.  They come with an infuser insert and a cover so that you can easily brew loose tea, herbal, black, or green tea, and/or throw in some fresh ginger slices.  The mugs feel beautiful in your hand: smooth, well-balanced, shapely.  Both mug and infuser can go straight into the dishwasher.  Yay!  I’ve been using mine for several years now, and keep going back for more colors.  They’re like having a mini personal tea pot that’s easy to carry around and sits nicely on your desk or dining table.  Comes in 10 different colors.  This is the larger size.

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  • LARGE VOLUME - Is a 14-16 ounce tea mug too small for you? This tea mug has a big enough capacity is about 20-24oz(600-700ml) for you to drinks. You don't have to worry about the cups being too small and going back and forth to the pantries many times.
  • HEAT-INSULATED AND COMFORTABLE HANDLE - The handle design is comfortable to grip and never gets hot.
  • EXTRA-FINE STAINLESS TEA STRAINER - The extra-fine holes of the tea strainer is suitable for almost all tea leaves except tea powder.
  • MULTI PURPOSES - Perfect for coffee, tea, cocoa, cereal even beer.
  • GREAT GIFT - It’s easy to brew a cup of tea! There will be a great gift for tea lovers. And It’s a great gift for family, friends, colleagues, birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, etc.
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