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Spiritual Warrior Training

Spiritual Warrior Training is for the woman who is ready to step into her power in these difficult times, but has hit some speed bumps getting here.  She’s ready for powerful support, insight, and healing, and she’s ready to do the work to heal herself now and in the future.  She appreciates a whole-person approach and values self-sovereignty.


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This is for you if

  • You're exhausted from taking care of everyone around you, and it's time for YOU!
  • People overrun your boundaries
  • You get drained by people and circumstances
  • You're distracted, disgruntled, and ready to break out the shell which is holding you back
  • You feel a higher purpose calling you, but you can't get traction to get going with it, and you're not 100% sure what it is or how to go about it
  • People don't listen to you when you speak
  • You feel unworthy
  • You feel stuck
  • You're frustrated
  • You need to make some changes and you're looking for support and guidance
  • You've got issues that make no sense to you, like fears, frustrations, and repeating patterns that you can't find the root of

Why?  You'll transform into your most powerful, fulfilled self

You'll be centered, focused, and POWERFUL.  Moving forward and dealing with whatever Life throws at you.  You were MADE for this.  YOU'RE READY.

What's the process like?

  1. Healing
    We start with a one- to two-hour consultation in which we pinpoint the "hot fires" we need to deal with first.  I'll be guiding and healing you intuitively as we do this.  Together, we'll create a game plan... a customized program that addresses that addresses both what's bothering you the most right now, and which leads to deep healing and a foundation from which to build your strength.  Every step is trauma-informed, gentle, and supportive.  Truths get uncovered, but in ways that unfold miraculously with powerful healing.  Everything is at your emotional pace and using techniques that support and lead you.   You are welcome to share, but not required to re-live.  This is about healing, disentangling, and rebuilding.
  2. Strengthening
    Once the fires are out, we'll clear and heal the deeper issues that are rooted below where the fires were.  We'll rebuild your healthy body, mind, and spirit.  I'll be teaching you how to work with your intuition and personal power so that you can not  only set and enforce healthy boundaries, but so that you protect and nurture your energy, abilities, and joy.
  3. Moving Forward
    As you grow in clarity and power, your vision of yourself, your missions in this world, and your abilities to carry your missions will grow.  You'll be increasing your confidence and ability to take care of yourself and your needs at the same time, because that is fundamental to enjoying Life!  There are serious things going on in our world now, and Now Is The Time to be at our best and strongest, clear in our connection with Spirit, and able to shake off shit and move forward.  Having fun becomes possible because it becomes a priority.  You stand strong even in the midst of the chaos and massive changes going on around you.  This work prepares you to be the Spiritual Warrior that you are, caring about the world and yourself, bringing justice and healing to those who are brought into your care.  You'll know the difference between battles you're meant to jump into, and those you have to step out of.  You'll be stronger and better able to take care of the people you are supposed to take care of, and able to let go relationships which are damaging for you.

You are meant to take your stand in this world, and now is the time!


The Business Nitty Gritty

  • Timeframe: 4 months
  • Investment In You: $20,000
  • Connection Platforms: Zoom, Meta video call for first and heftier sessions.  Signal voice messaging, chat/text to touch base and ask questions.
  • Schedule: We'll set sessions that work with your available time and fit your needs.  You may want a blend of some shorter sessions, messaging for questions or situations that pop up, and some longer sessions to process deeper things.  We can ebb and flow with what's happening for you.

Available on backorder