Soul Garden


An extraordinary collection of tools, techniques, courses & guided meditations built from decades of study and practice incorporating the best of ancient wisdom and our modern world.


You’ll have access to an amazing library of self-paced courses and self-healing tools.

Tend to your inner garden and watch your outer world blossom with love, power, health, and happiness.

Activate and align your heart-centered truth with your inner power.


Transform your life!  A massive collection of over 100 courses & meditations designed to work with your innate abilities to self-heal.  Trauma-informed and uniquely supportive, this exclusive program will help you to heal from burnout, toxic relationships, past-life issues, and anything that is leaving you "stuck."

Walk through a beautiful healing garden and pick what you need to heal yourself.

This program trains you to

  • listen to your Self -- body, mind, and spirit
  • work WITH yourself
  • let go of things/people/situations/places gracefully & fully in your power
  • maintain your power

Tend to the garden of your soul.

Grow the garden you need and want, rather than wait for others to bring you flowers.

Need a step-by-step approach? Book a 1:1 session and I'll create a custom program for you.

Want ongoing private support? Apply for mentorship.

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