Portland Bee Balm


Portland Bee Balm Simple Salve All Natural Handmade Beeswax Based Hand Moisturizer

From the heart of the Pacific Northwest comes a hand salve truly like no other - Portland Bee Balm handmade beeswax based Simple Salve

Our small company crafts an all natural beeswax based salve that soothes, moisturizes and protects your hands and body with nature, care and love

With a focus on creating a simple and pure product, we make Portland Bee Balm Simple Salve with beeswax from Pacific Northwest hives and select organic California olive oil in just the right proportion to create not just a great salve, but the BEST salve

Use anywhere you find skin that needs some extra attention - hands, elbows and heels, too!

We are proud to be a One Percent for the Planet member company and have pledged to give one percent of our revenues to Portland Urban Beekeepers Association – helping people to beekeep in urban environments where connection to the natural world is lacking

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