Panic & Anxiety Healing Course


Online self-paced course.

Get ahead of the panic attacks and prevent them, as well as learn how to control them while they’re happening.

Get to the root cause and clear it.


Hi!  You’re probably here because you’ve had a least a couple of bad panic attacks and/or ongoing anxiety.

I’m glad you’re addressing this!  There are so many holistic, all-natural, totally safe things you can do to take the bull by the horns.  You’ve got this!

Moving the pebbles to shift the boulder.

Do many different “little” things to make a big change.  They add up and work together.

Medical & Psychological Professional Help (disclaimer)

I’m sure you’ve gotten it!  If not, please check those boxes.  There are some sneaky conditions that cause panic and anxiety.  I’m not offering medical or psychological advice here.  I’m offering tools, techniques, and practices that work independently and in conjunction with what your doctors provide.

From all angles

Let’s approach your wellbeing from many perspectives and apply everything all at once that feels right for you.

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