Mudras for Self-Healing


Your healing is in your hands!  Literally.  Use these hand yoga positions to heal your body, mind, and spirit.

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Use hand yoga to heal your body, mind, and spirit

Simple and effective, you can do mudras anywhere, any time.  Can you make the OK sign?  You’re good to go!

Over 35 illustrated mudras each with excellent instructions and detailed information about what they heal.

Search by topic

to find just the right one for right now (for instance: headache, immunity booster, lungs, breathing, focus),

or do the whole list

to achieve over-all wellness and relaxation.

Easy to access

from your phone or computer, they’re here on this site, and you can get to them any time, day or night.

Many of them are particularly

boost your immune system especially during Corona Virus / COVID-19

So easy you can teach your kids!