Mentoring: 3 months


  • 1:1 calls
  • messaging/email check-ins
  • extraordinary transformation

Enlightened Transformation

Activate your heart-centered truth, light, action, and alignment.

Get the insight and guidance you need to accelerate your progress.  Reach your goals and surpass them!

You are here for your unique mission in this world, and it’s time to remember, reconnect, and rise up.

This private mentoring program is for the woman who is ready to step into her power.  She’s ready for support, insight, and healing, and she’s ready to do the work to heal herself now and in the future.  She appreciates a whole-person approach and values self-sovereignty.

Why?  You’ll transform into your most powerful, fulfilled self

You’ll be centered, focused, and POWERFUL.  Moving forward and dealing with whatever Life throws at you.  You were MADE for this.  YOU’RE READY.


Make your life richer and more meaningful.

You are meant to take your stand in this world, and now is the time!

No refunds or chargebacks ever.

This transformation requires kick-ass, hard-core commitment.  From both of us.  If you’re in, I’m in.  Tap here to read the Terms & Conditions.