Martingale Dog Collar


Control your dog safely on walks.  Prevents “back-out”.

Works like a choke collar, but safe for your dog’s neck and fur.

Don’t go through the panic and possible death of your beloved family member if they slip their regular collar or harness!

This is the type of collar that good breeders and rescuers send with their pups to prevent heart-breaking problems.

PetSafe Martingale Collar with Quick Snap Buckle, 1″ Large, Deep Purple
Size: L (Neck: 13″-20″, Strap Width: 1″)
Color: Deep Purple

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Available in Black, Purple, Pink, Red, and Blue.

QUICK-SNAP BUCKLE: Easily take this collar on and off of your dog
MARTINGALE COLLAR: Safer and more secure than prong collars, this collar tightens when your dog pulls and loosens when he stops pulling to help make sure that the collar is never too tight
SAFE AND SECURE: The Martingale collars have a secure fit to help prevent dogs from escaping or backing out of the collar
DURABLE, NYLON MATERIAL: Nylon material is comfortable for your dog to wear during walks
SIZING: This collar comes in a variety of sizes and colors so you can find the best one that matches your pet's style
A comfortable alternative to a choke collar
Martingale loop prevents dogs from backing out of collar and escaping.

Includes quick snap buckle for easy on-off. Made from high-quality, durable nylon.
Recommended by vets and trainers as the best design for daily wear.
It is very important to measure your dog around the top of the neck directly behind the ears. This measurement is the same as the collar when it's fully tightened or closed.


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