Intuitive Readings


Tarot / oracle card reading by Heather Cate for guidance, inner understanding, and healing.

Prices normally range from $70 to $250.

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helpful and inspiring

My daughters and I had a reading with Heather that was helpful and inspiring. I highly recommend!

.: Linda Morse :.


fun & enlightening

“Heather Cate’s readings are fun and enlightening!”

.: Patience, Farmington, NH :.

heart-centered & authentic

“I recommend Heather Cate, whom I’ve known professionally for more than a year.  It’s impossible to have a conversation with her without feeling like you’re really being heard.  I look forward to every time I have the chance to connect with her because I know whatever we talk about, it will be heart-centred and authentic.  I absolutely recommend her.”

.: Jeanne Francis :.


kind, gentle, encouraging

“Heather Cate is a great coach! … kind, gentle, commonsense encouragement …. upbeat attitude…. Now, I feel confident and productive.

Personable, High Integrity, Creative.”
.: Jessica Blucher, coaching client :.


“… thank you. Your words, thoughts, and healing have touched me.”

.: Midnight :.


“Heather is wonderful! I love how she tells it like it is!”

.: Skye :.

lighter, empowered

“Thanks, Heather! I feel lighter and ready to take the next step on my path.”

.: Gannon Wilson Carr :.

she gets me thinking

“Heather has the insidious ability (oh, she’s goooood) to get my brain thinking about emotions I was somewhat ‘in control of.'”
.: Brenda Hersey :.

gifted psychic

“Heather Cate is an absolutely talented, gifted psychic with an amazing energy.”

.: Angela, Newmarket, NH :.

uncanny ability

“Heather has an uncanny ability to sense my needs. She found a visualization image that fits me like a glove. I always feel better after talking to her. Thanks, Heather!”


body-mind connection

“…Years ago I was complaining that I’d developed allergies, and Heather said, “When you think of your allergies, who comes into your mind?” I thought of X, and as soon as I identified that, the allergies went away.

I’ve been thinking about that for years, and it’s one of the things that told me to start paying attention to my body as an indicator of where my emotional pain was.”

.: Magda, NYC :.

get to your own truth

“I would first of all commend Heather for being a tuned-in, active listener. She really understood me and that helped immensely. Also, she did not tell me what to think or feel – instead she helped me to find my own truth and to heal it. Afterwards, blessings quickly flooded my life and I feel joyful gratitude for Heather’s guidance! Thank you Heather!”

.: Kathryn, Florida :.

direction and guidance

“It was great sitting with Heather. My session was helpful in exploring my day to day dealings with life. I am grateful for the information she channeled from the Universe for me, as I was seeking direction and guidance. She is wonderful and I can’t wait to have another session.”

.: Tiffani :.

strong positive support

“Yes! Strongly recommend Peacock & Paisley.  Heather is the calm in my storm as I learn to get my life back.  Quick to reply with strong positive support.  Words can not express how much better I am and feel after consulting with Heather.  Peace and God Bless.”

.: Susan F :.


“Wow did your reading resonated with me!!  Thanks so much for this. It got me going and is just what I needed.”

.: Nancy :.