Get Your Life Back Program


Heal after leaving a devastating, narcissistic, abusive relationship.
  • private coaching & healing
  • email spot-checks
  • personalized healing program
  • life-time access to self-healing toolbox with guided meditations, affirmations, journaling, physical exercises

Take back your power, health, and joy!

A narcissist uses your best qualities against you and for themselves. The damage is extensive and deep. Even after you have left them physically, you can still feel tied and drained.

This specialized program combines private coaching based on my own survival, recovery, and years of research with ancient natural healing techniques and guided spiritual exercises so that you can undo those ties, free your spirit, and reconnect with a you that you love!

Your results:

  • Wake up happy in the morning, looking forward to the good things that are going to happen each day
  • Enjoy being in your body develop healthy physical and spiritual self-care
  • Increased Energy
  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Improved Sleep
  • Self-awareness. Clear away the garbage from the abuse so that you can enjoy and communicate with and operate within your beautiful self. Know what works for you and what doesn't so that you can't be pushed around again.
  • Speak your truth and feel safe saying it. Say no when you want to.
  • Forgive yourself
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Feel positive and excited about life: vibrant, calm, energized, balanced
  • Communicate well with others and yourself
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Nurture yourself. Enjoy like a kid. Rediscover buried / abandoned / neglected passions
  • Regain your self-worth, healthy love, and relationships
  • Feel exuberant, vibrant, grounded, healthy, self-confident, in-charge

The Process

Private, individual coaching creating an action plan focused on YOU.  I ask you all the questions you didn't realize needed to be asked.  Be prepared for deep work.  You should set aside time to process and heal after each session.  I also ask that you prepare for about 10 minutes before each session, so that you are relaxed and ready to share.

I will ask you questions and support you as I guide you to
  • uncover what needs to heal
  • make a customized priority list of actions for you to take
We will work on healing
  • adrenal burnout
  • rebalancing your other hormones
  • spiritual bondage
  • trauma bonding
  • your physical, social, and spiritual boundaries
  • your self-confidence
  • nourishing, supportive foods and herbs (yes, you really can change your experience of the world this way!)
  • spiritual exercises and energy healing
  • mudras (hand yoga you can use anywhere)
  • essential oils
  • gentle physical exercise
  • journaling
  • guided video and audio meditations
  • daily affirmations via email

This program includes:

  • Private coaching sessions full of understanding, support, and guidance.  Zoom or FB Messenger Call
  • Guided video and audio meditations
  • Daily affirmations via email
  • Members-only access to self-healing tools
  • Journaling, written and video
  • Spiritual exercises
  • Food & Herb program
  • Essential Oils program
  • Gentle physical exercise program

BONUSES! Worth over $700

  • $1500 Lifetime access to online Get Your Life Back course
  • $25 Crystals For Healing course
  • $150 Empath Healing & Protection course
  • $50 Mudras for Self-Healing course
  • $50 Grief: Healing Gently & Naturally course

Who Is This For?

The woman who has been through hell and is ready to come back!  You're dedicated to yourself and able to commit the money, energy, time, and hard work to heal yourself and move forward into a life you LOVE!