Empath Super Powers: How To Control And Amplify Your Abilities


Self-paced online course for empaths: self-protection & control of psychic abilities

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Are you an empath, a highly sensitive person?

And you’d like to control it better?

You’ll learn how in this self-paced online course with resources you can use again and again.


It can be tough being sensitive, but it's actually a great and deep gift. I'll show you how life can be a picnic when you know how to handle your empathic gifts.

Wondering what the class is like? Here's a little sample:



You're Highly Sensitive If

  • someone walks into a room and you can feel them
  • when you're in an area where someone had a fight, you feel it
  • you experience other people's emotions and pain as your own
  • environmental situations that don't bother others really get to you, like noise, chemicals, odors, clutter, wifi, fluorescent lighting, unhealthy food
  • you're "different"
  • you know what's going on with others
  • you see/sense/know/hear/smell/feel spiritual presences
  • you tend to observe before acting
  • you're a Princess and the Pea type: you can feel that little thing that most can't, whether it's a clothing label, funky seam, scratchy wool, uncomfortable chair...
  • you're sensitive to pain and notice it in others
  • you notice subtle changes
  • you feel things deeply
  • you need "alone time" or time in nature to recover after a party, meeting, or other stressful situation
  • your nerves feel frazzled pretty often
  • you intuitively know what others need

In This Class You'll Learn How To

  • block out unwanted energies, feelings, experiences
  • control who you connect with, how and when
  • clear yourself of old energies
  • feel without getting overwhelmed
  • how to distinguish between your feelings and other people's feelings and energies
  • how to be comfortable in social situations
  • how to use your sensitivity, creativity, and intuition to have fun

Course Components:

  • Class Audio
  • Cord-Cutting Guided Meditation Video
  • 3 Mudras
  • 4 Protection Visualizations / Tools
  • Stress Release Guided Meditation Audio

You can do this online, at your own pace!