Crystals Course


Learn how to use crystals to heal and protect yourself, your home, your work.

I’m in the process of building this course.  When you buy now at the starter sale price, you will continue to have access to the course as it grows.  Once I’ve finished, the price will go up, but you will still have full access to all of the course.



Have you ever needed a magic wand to get instant help with something that seems over your head and out of your control?
Like, you need to get a move-on, but you have no inner oomph?
Presto Change-O, crystals can help you with this.
Hold this “pebble” in your hand, or wear these earrings, and watch how your energy increases.

What are some problems crystals can heal?

✅ broken heart
✅ stuck in a rut
✅ holes in your energy field
✅ attract the right people
Discover the right crystals for the help you want, how to use them, what to expect, and more in my Crystals Course.
I’m building it as we speak, so sneak in on the middle floor for $3 $10 today….. just let me know what you think of it, and you’ll keep access for life!
Price goes up soon, so buy now!