Cord-Cutting Meditation Video


Cut the unhealthy spiritual cords between you and

  • people
  • situations
  • addictions
  • unhealthy patterns

Get out of a rut, change your energy, clear yourself of unwanted relationship entanglements. Make it easy to move forward.

Instant download.


3-minute video guided meditation for clearing unhealthy connections. Simple, gentle, safe, and powerful. Your spiritual connections are vital.

If your energy has been unusually low and you can't figure out why, do a cord-cutting.  Energy vampires can suck your life force right out of you, but this meditation and spiritual self-defense and self-care put a stop to that.

The video explains how everything works, including working with angels, guides, your spirit, and the Divine.  You pick which "spiritual language" to work with.

Use this video regularly, several times each day to start with, to have good spiritual hygiene.  You'll notice a rapid improvement in your mood, energy levels, and even your physical health.

This is not a substitute for medical or psychological care.

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