Angel Numbers Phone Wallpaper (Rainbow Ribbon)


Angel Numbers at a glance, one through zero, with their meanings.  Download.  Make this image your phone’s wallpaper so it’s easy to look up the numbers when you get a sign from your angels, guides, and loved ones on the other side. xoxo

Image you receive is just the rainbow ribbons and black text, no “sample” — that’s there for copyright protection.

Enjoy, and tell me what happens for you!



  • Buy
  • You'll receive a link.
  • Download from link.
  • Save to your phone's gallery.
  • Go to settings and choose this image as your wallpaper.
  • Add a blank "page" on your phone so that you can see all the juicy angel number info.
  • When you see the number, remember to ask your angels for any additional info, and remember to look around for additional context or signs.
  • Tell me about the messages you get.  xoxo