Processed Chicken Recall – As Bad As The Pet Food Crisis Was?

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Barber Foods (which sells under Schwann’s label as well) and Lean Cuisine are recalling batches of processed chicken items due to chunks of rubber/plastic found in them.

Barber Foods’ recall was on November 7th; Nestle’s Lean Cuisine recall was November 17th.

Nestle had another recall for foreign objects on August 21st in Stuffed Pepperoni Pizza Sandwich Products.

Processed foods are quick to prepare, usually taste good if you are used to that sort of thing, and make cooking for a family with varying desires easier, but they’re remarkably unhealthy for you even if they aren’t contaminated with high-risk plastic or rubber chunks.  Too much salt, fat, antibiotics, hormones and chemicals!

Let us know if you hear of anything further or if you’ve found a chunk yourself.

Let’s hope the FDA actually does a good job with this one, instead of letting us all be affected, or completely losing the trail as they did over the summer with tomatoes/peppers/god knows what.

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  1. La Mirabelle

    Oh I’m no expert. We had a mad cow crisis. Beef from the UK which was especially sick, couldn’t be sold in the rest of Europe anymore but most countries had to fight mad cow disease.
    The governments took action and if a single cow was sick the whole herd was killed and burned. The disease was spread through food and physical contact amongst animals.
    Suddenly the media just stopped talking about it. UK beef was suddenly ok.
    Nobody talks about it anymore. I have serious doubts that there is no more mad cow disease in Europe. As a consequence I eat only US or South American beef.
    I believe the US had a case or two but herds are so widespread that I don’t see how an epidemic could occur.
    Mad cow disease causes Creuzfeld Jacob in humans.

  2. Heather

    Can you tell us more about what’s going on with beef in Europe?


  3. La Mirabelle

    I still don’t eat beef in Europe. JUst because the media have lost interest doesn’t mean it’s ok to eat it.

    Happy Holiday Season !


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