Want liquid farts? Try taking the new diet pill, alli. It blocks the body’s absorption of fats and claims to help you lose 25% more weight than diet and exercise alone. It’s similar to the prescription weight loss pills Xenical. Both use the drug Orlestat. There are several problems with the way these pills work. Firstly, the body has the ability to heal itself if we give it healthy food and beverages, exercise and rest. And, the body needs some fat in the diet in order to absorb those important nutrients found in the healthy foods. Eat a salad without any fats during that meal, and you will only receive a fraction of the nutrients.

The fine-print side effects of drugs are insidious. NBC’s website recently carried a Reuters news release saying that the diet pill Zimulti causes suicidal thoughts. Okay, kids, who wants to be fat and kill themselves? Or just think about it obsessively?

Rather than take a diet pill, why not try something with no bad side effects? EFT is a healing method that’s gaining popularity with holistic healers and traditional therapists alike because it works quickly and in most cases the healing is complete – it lasts forever. EFT is the acronym for Emotional Freedom Technique. It operates on two major principles:

  1. Our challenges, like weight loss, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), addictions, phobias, financial problems, are usually tied to underlying emotional burdens, which once we are freed from, we can move forward in comfort and ease.
  2. Our bodies have energy currents running through them that can be accessed at different points on the surface, such as through acupuncture and acupressure.

Gary Craig, EFT’s creator, says that once we free ourselves from emotional burdens through EFT’s specialized version of acupressure, we experience profound change in our lives. This means easy weight loss, no longer being afraid of snakes or whatever, and being able to make and manage money easily.

The only known negative side effects are that removing one emotional burden may reveal another one that it was covering up, but the same, quick techniques can be used the heal that next layer. Rather than making you feel suicidal through an unhealthy diet pill side effect, it will make you feel happy and healthy. What a deal! Lose weight and make money easy!