Tim McGraw was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this morning. I love both of them. Ellen because she is funny, Tim because he’s a great performer. And both of them because they communicate evolved approaches to life and do what they love even in the face of tremendous opposition. One of my favorite songs is Tim’s Live Like You Are Dying. Don’t waste time, value people, treat them and yourself well, be adventurous, take some risks, enjoy and appreciate life. Ellen’s sense of humor always tickles my funny bone, and I greatly admire people who persist in being who they are despite societal or family disapproval — murder, torture, theft, et cetera aside.

Tim McGraw’s college roommates thought he was a terrible singer and would hide his guitar in fruitless attempts to get him to stop, but he persisted because he loved performing and it was his primary goal to become a famous singer. Today, he’s one of the top Country musicians.

Ellen is a lesbian whose parents kicked her out of the house as a teen because they felt that what she was doing was terribly wrong. Ellen could have denied her inner self and pretended to be something she wasn’t just to please them and keep a roof over her head, but instead, she persisted as her true self. The same theme surfaced years later when she came out on her sitcom Ellen. It took tremendous guts to put her career and the livelihood of everyone involved on the line to crusade for something she believes deeply in, to break barriers and help to improve life for all of us.

How does it improve our lives if we’re not gay? Freedom is freedom. When freedom is restricted for one group, it’s limited for all other groups. Society’s ability to acknowledge and accept differences opens opportunity for everyone. Each color of the rainbow is as beautiful as the rest, and each color would not be as distinctive without a different one standing next to it.

By allowing differences, we open our experience of life to fullness, to richness, and to love. As the Bible says, “Love one another as you love yourselves.”

Sometimes, we don’t love ourselves enough. Perhaps because we have been told that our unique qualities don’t fit in, that they’re not appreciated, or they’re not appropriate. Ever notice how kids are joyfully themselves, until someone tells them not to be?

Appreciating other peoples’ wonderfulness can help to heal and lift up our own buried uniqueness. Loving, or accepting and appreciating, someone else who is different can liberate you to be your own authentic self.

What have you been secretly wishing to do? How would it change your life? Do you love it enough to persist? Are you unhappy enough in your current life enough to persist in pursuing your passion even in the face of apparent doom?

Ellen’s sitcom was canceled. She developed a new one, and that was canceled. She persisted, however, and performed in movies, including Finding Nemo and The Love Letter. She’s been an extremely popular host of the Academy and Emmy Awards. She’s the first openly-gay person to host those award shows. She now has her own daytime talk show which plays in not only the United States, but also in eight other countries, including Turkey!

She took the risks, persisted with her passions, and, according to Forbes, Ellen is now worth $65 million. Dollars. Sixty-Five Million Dollars. IT PAYS OFF. Financially. Being your authentic self really does pay.

Be your authentic self, your real self, and you will find that you love yourself and others more, feel more at peace, more relaxed, more in-the-flow, and you’ll find that more opportunities flow to you.

Wondering how to sort this out for yourself? How to generate a plan to make it happen? Need some support because the people around, as much as they may or may not love you, don’t like your ideas? Contact me. I’m an excellent life coach, and together we’ll re-make your life so that you are persisting in your passion and are rewarded for it. It does pay off, and it improves the lives of everyone around us.

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