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A home-building odyssey by Kristina Orchard-Hays.  Cob house, New Mexico, very cool.  Totally inspiring.

Off the Grid.

Cob building uses mud, straw/hay, and people power.  It’s a very green building technique, lasts for centuries, and provides excellent insulation.

Update:  Sadly, I can’t find the original article online.  If anyone has the link, I’d be very happy to repost it here.


  1. Joe Dupont

    I still love the simplicity of the concept and the ability to be left alone without the New World Order trying to regulate things. I have made contact with a gent local to my junk land down near pecos and Van Horn.
    I hope to go round with some kind of yurt roof and make a shelter for winter as I live in Towanda, Pa. At 65 I’m at a point where I better get going see what I can do. It seems that these lands are the last frontier and give hope to those who have limited financial resources. I pray that this opportunity is not stolen from us. But such projects as theirs still inspires me. If anything new happens , even a book to purchase on the project, I’d love to buy some copies. I bought the book Rancho Costa Nada: The Dirt Cheap Desert Homestead Paperback
    by Phil Garlington (Author). Another neat project in California. Be well.

  2. Joseph DuPont

    Yes such projects are very inspiring and are perhaps the last vestiges of our freedoms. Building something from “NOTHING” is indeed a high. I’m hoping to build a shelter to live down on my lands in Utah, Holbrook Az and Van horn , Pecos texas. I finally got some cheap solar panels. I will bring some down with me when I go down in the near future.

  3. Joseph DuPOnt

    Has there been any more progress on Kristina’s Cob project.
    They use to have a neat website which I found very inspiring.
    It appears to have been taken down.
    hopefully she will do a youtube on their work.. as I read that Reid had passed away.
    How sad.

    • Heather Cate

      Hi Joseph, thank you for your interest and your very thoughtful comment. I loved it, too, and it’s how I first got in touch with Kristina. She was absolutely devastated by Reid’s passing, after a long struggle with cancer. She was grieving and re-grouping. I haven’t heard from her in a while, but apparently, now’s the time for me to try to find her again. Please send good vibes, and I’ll let you know what I can.


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