I woke about 2 hours early from nightmares reminding me of real things I need to keep in mind about someone.  Then, my breakfast was supposed to include organic raw sunflower seeds that I had to drive an hour to buy, but they’re from China!   I balked, but then decided that I would eat them anyways.  But, I kid you not, one of the seeds has a Chinese character written on it in blue ball point pen!!!!!  As I was putting that seed into a zip lock bag, I noticed some debris in amongst the other seeds, and, again, I kid you not, it looks a lot like dried rat poop.  This Mercury Retrograde cum full moon is quite a ride.  Good thing I know from experience that all will turn out alright at the end.

Mercury retrograde is a good time to work on old, unresolved “stuff”, to reconsider relationships, to fix old half-finished projects, and to back up your computer hard-drive.

What goes wonky during Mercury retrograde?

  • communications of any sort -verbal, written, electronic, anything, hand gestures
  • electronics – computers, radios, etc.
  • mechanical things – cars, blenders, mixers,
  • contracts – don’t sign any now, or at least know that they’ll have to be re-negotiated at a later point

Who is most affected by Mercury retrograde?  Virgos, that’s who.

Look for the silver lining in strange opportunities that pop up which will help you fix challenges that may stem from situations created before September 15th, when Mercury officially went retrograde and the moon turned full.


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