Memorial Day 2023

This weekend, while you are honoring those who have died in military service for the US, please also remember to honor yourself and the life they hoped you would have.

Celebrate, have fun, kick back. Don’t overwork. Be chill. Appreciate.

Avoid burning yourself out in service to your ideals.

Sometimes that means going hard and really firing up those endorphins.

Sometimes that means laying in a hammock with your fur baby.

If you are blessed to be here — on the “right side of the grass”– take advantage of it, consider it a gift.

Enjoy the parts you love, and consider letting go of that which doesn’t serve you.

BE YOU in a way you ENJOY.

I invite you to join us next weekend, Saturday June 3rd, for a Branding In The Wild experience.

We’ll be at a beautiful beach where I’ll be leading a mastermind for personal branding — creating and using a public image that expresses and successes you.

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