Thank you Universe for manifesting to me {what you want} {time frame, eg: now}.

Keep saying your affirmation throughout the day. Repeat, repeat, repeat.   As those in the SEO industry like to say “Wash, Rinse, Repeat.”

What you’re doing is retraining your brain and thought patterns and energetic patterns.   This can have surprisingly quick results, instantaneous, that day, that week.

It helps to put yourself into a really good, upbeat mood before you start, so that you are as positive as possible before saying your manifestation affirmation.

The inner parts of you that resist what you want may kick up and mess things up.  Just acknowledge that that is happening, and continue your manifestation affirmation repetition.  If you can, think about what caused that block to be there and clear it, heal it.  Here’s a great affirmation mantra to remove doubt and fear:

Doubt and fear are no longer a part of my consciousness.  The Universe removes them now.  Whatever I want comes to me through the divine power within me.  I am open and willing to receive my highest and greatest good.  And so it is.

You’ll find that your manifestations will work more quickly when you remove your own inner blocks.  Manifestations are an outward blossoming of your inner desires.

Tell us about your experiences with manifesting.  What are your favorite affirmations?

Would you like some help creating your own Manifestation Mantra?  Email us through our Contact Page.


Peacock & Paisley Life Coach

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