And Lynn Spears talks about Jamie Lynn and her teenage pregnancy.  She calls her new book a “set it straight book”.  It’s a tell-all.  But Lynn considers this to be her way of taking charge.

Spears says that Britney loved to dance and sing as a 3-year-old.  Lynn Spears says “mixing extreme hightened celebrity with heart ache, …the mixture’s just not healthy.”  She says that Britney pushed Lynn to let her perform and become a star.  “Britney may have been out into the world a little too early.”  Britney was on the road performing when she was about 15.  Her mother was not with her, but at home teaching school and raising Britney’s younger sister, Jamie Lynn.   The moment Lynn feels she lost control over Britney was during a Rolling Stone interview when Britney was just coming on the scene.  They were in shock and awe over the opportunity to be in Rolling Stone, but the pictures were a bit shocking.  Lynn Spears claims they did not have control over which pictures were chosen.

In 2002, Lynn divorced Britney and Jamie Lynn’s father, because he was an alcoholic.  Britney starts to take a dive.  By 2007, she famously shaved her head.  Lynn Spears keeps saying that they had no control over anything, that all these different things just “kept happening.” Britney blames her mother, however, for her stints in rehab.

Lynn says her relationship with Britney is now healed.  That’s great.  Hopefully it will keep improving.   It seems to me that Britney’s father had a lot to do with bringing her back to health.


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