Lunar eclipse in progress now!

Focus on what you want in your life.

Lunar eclipses can be like a shot of turbo boost to zoom you forward in accomplishing things you’ve been wanting.  Astrologically, we are in throw-backs to June 2010 and to when you were 8 years old.  That means it’s time to

let those 8-year-old-kid feelings and issues and concrete problems surface and heal.

On some things, just letting the emotions come up and process them is all you need to do.  On other things, it’s time to take action and change whatever needs to be changed.

Mercury is also retrograde,

so normally you’d want to avoid new contracts, purchases, repair work, etc., but if it pertains to fixing an old situation, check your guidance, because this might be the perfect time to handle it.

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PS: tell us what lunar eclipse and/or mercury retrograde experiences you’re having!