love your self!Your body, your mind, your spirit.  All of you.

Try thanking your body, a particular part, and the whole thing, for loving you, for being your best friend through thick and thin, for always supporting you.  Ask if there is something you can do (or not do) to support it back, to show your appreciation.  See what happens!  Be totally open-minded about the answers and the fact that you can get answers.  And then take action.

In looking for the picture to use today, I discovered it’s really hard to find images of a woman loving herself.  Touching herself, touching another woman, getting married, giving her heart away… all of that was readily available, but finding a picture of a woman giving love to her Self, appreciating her Self….

A challenge.

So, post a G-rated picture of yourself loving Yourself and win a prize!

Make it show you appreciating your Self and post it on the Peacock & Paisley Facebook page and when we have 10, I’ll give everyone who posted a prize.  You can even vote on the prize!  I’ll post some ideas, and you let me know what you’d like.

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