Cord Cutting


Use a cord cutting to disconnect from unhealthy relationships, patterns, situations.

When you first start doing cord cuttings, or when you are in the midst of some upheaval in relationships, do this every day, just as you would take a shower to clear yourself of stinky grime. You can do a cord cutting anywhere, any time, silently to yourself, while listening to or watching the video, or out loud.

When you do a cord cutting, the person you disconnect from will usually be subconsciously aware of what has happened and will change their behavior immediately.

Their psychic antennae will pick up on what’s happened.  Expect a phone call, email, or somewhat-out-of-context comment from them (like, “where have you been?!” when you haven’t been gone long), or other action as they attempt to reconnect the old cord.  Don’t let them!  Of course, our connecting is usually something we do subconsciously, also, so I recommend doing a cord-cutting every day until you feel free.  Unhealthy attachments are often sneaky, and if you find yourself feeling less and less good, kind of dragged down, depressed, wanting things that aren’t in your nature to want, craving contact with that person even though you know they’re not good for you, do a cord cutting.blueripple

There is a ripple effect from such spiritual work, and it touches everyone in contact with both you and the other person.  So make sure you include the prayers for the healing and wellbeing of everyone affected, according to their free will and divine will, in safety, comfort, love, and in your highest and greatest good.  And thank the Universe/God/Goddess/Great Spirit.

Use your inner psychic senses to guide you on your next steps and on how often to do a cord cutting.  If you need it, don’t be afraid to ask for help!


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