KUBERA: Make a wish.

Opens and decongests, cleanses the frontal sinuses, especially if you draw the air upward while inhaling.  It also gives inner repose, confidence, and serenity.

The practice is simple. In your mind, formulate your wish or goal very clearly into words.  Ask your heart whether this is good for you and whether it enriches your surrounding world.  Now place the three fingers together, phrase your wish in a positive way, as you say it out loud three times.  Press your fingers together while you do this.

This Mudra is quite remarkable as it is dedicated to the god of wealth.  In this you use three fingers, which represent Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  Mars stands for forcefulness, Jupiter for resplendence and Saturn for its fixation on the essential.  They are the thumb, middle finger and index finger respectively.  This Mudra is not just for money, but can be used even for several specific goals.  When these three fingers close and is accompanied by intensity of thought, there is added strength.  The Kubera Mudra decongests the frontal sinuses.