The Kestrel is the smallest and most common member of the falcon family found in the U.S.  Speed, grace, agility and keen mental powers are some of their primary characteristics.  Their astounding flying precision maneuvers and abilities are also primary.  Kestrels can hover at great heights and then dive down to grab their prey.  They are hunters, and have teamed with humans to help them.  The kestrel feeds primarily on grasshoppers, small rodents, beetles, and some smaller birds.  Kestrels have amazing vision and can see the tiniest movement from great distances.

  • control of speed and movement
  • patience
  • quick, decisive, permanent action when the time is exactly right
  • being so in tune with yourself, your body and your abilities, that you can do the most amazing things in an element, air, that most cannot manipulate so well
  • always hunt from up above, looking down, studying the terrain for your goal, calculating, assessing, preferring open terrain, good wide view

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