I have had lots of requests for information about how to help the YFZ kids, the ones who were taken away from what appears to be an abusive Mormon compound in Texas. For a little background, see some of the previous YFZ posts here.

The Texas Child Protective Services has moved the kids to foster homes, which I’m sure is traumatic for the children. Many lawyers are volunteering their services to the mothers while everything is being sorted out. DNA testing is being used to determine who are the actual biological parents of each child, which in a polygamist environment is bound to be confusing.

The key allegations are that children are being raped and used as sexual slaves. Many of the teenage girls are pregnant and already have children. About 30 of them. While around the world, many young women of 13 years are getting pregnant, it is essentially considered illegal here in the United States. Especially if the man involved is older, and it is alleged that it is older men in the YFZ group who rape young girls. It is being said that this is part of their culture.

This is a huge problem to tackle, and seemingly impossible if you are far away. Don’t underestimate the power of prayer, of energy healing, and of your intentions. The thoughts and energy you put into something increase it. So, here are some metaphysical ways of helping the YFZ people:


  1. Pray for them. Pray that any influences that are not in the highest good of all be eliminated.
  2. Pray that if it is in the highest good of the children that they be reunited with their families.
  3. Pray that if it is not in their highest good, that they be placed with healthy, loving families who are able and willing to help them learn about the mainstream culture and how to live within it, who are patient and understanding and kind.
  4. Pray that the children and their parents learn healthy relationship patterns.
  5. Pray that the wounds all have suffered are healed.
  6. Pray that all concerned, including the lawyers, social workers, judges, lab techs, children, parents, etc. are healed and move forward with positive energy and love.

Energy Healing:

  1. Surround yourself with love and light and protection.
  2. Visualize the entire FYZ organization.
  3. Imagine all cords and chains dropping and hitting the floor with a thud.
  4. Imagine angels scooping the chains up, sweeping the floor, and throwing all into the sacred fire to be transmuted.
  5. Visualize healing light (any color or colors, you’ll know which is best, or just allow what is best to go on its own) going to all previous connection points and other holes, cleaning the holes, healing them, filling them, and sealing them.
  6. Visualize at least one spiritual helper per person helping them to walk away from unhealthy beings.
  7. Visualize unhealthy beings being taken away by angels to a place where they are contained and hopefully healed.
  8. Visualize the angels healing all involved, including everyone who is helping: children, parents, lawyers, doctors, judges, lab techs, social workers, foster parents and their children, pets.
  9. Visualize the YFZ compounds in Texas, Arizona, and elsewhere being swept clean and filled with positive, healing light and love.
  10. Come back to yourself and clear yourself – imagine any unhealthy energy near you, in you, or around you being whisked away. Fill yourself with clear, loving light. Imagine yourself standing in a waterfall. Release.

For more visualizations, meditations, and energy healing, see www.peacockandpaisley.com