If you will be in Southern Maine during late October/early November, you’ll want to attend the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women fundraiser in Kennebunkport. There will be free tests for

  • blood pressure
  • peripheral artery disease
  • cholesterol

You will also be able to ask heart-related questions to a panel of local doctors.

Best of all, if you’re into pocketbooks and handbags, they’re auctioning off red purses with fabulous floral bouquets in them. These centerpieces will be gracing the dinner tables while you dine on a heart-healthy sumptuous dinner.

Workshops will include

  • Learning about cardiac arrest
  • Heart health holiday planning
  • Latest technology
  • Heart disease and women

The speakers will be

  • Maine’s Public Health Director Dora Anne Mills on research and prevention
  • Deborah Heffernan, a survivor of heart failure and replacement who has appeared on Oprah. At the time of her cardiac arrest, she was in a yoga class, was a non-smoker, ate healthily and had low cholesterol and blood pressure.

The AHA raises money to fund research and education pertaining to the heart, cardio-vascular disease, and the cause of strokes.

Why should you care? Heart disease is the number one killer of women in America and the number one cause of disability in young women

Date of the event: November 1, 2007

Location: Colony Hotel, Kennebunkport, ME

Time: 4:30pm

Contact: Brenda Quinn

Can’t make it to this event, but want to support women’s heart health? Contact your congress person and get the ball rolling. Use the form on the HeartForWomen.org site.

For More Info see the Southern Maine Go Red for Women event site.

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