My friend broke her ankle about a week ago, and the black ring around her ankle is alarming.

It’s a sign of her body doing its thing, but getting “stuck” part way along.

Here are the tips I shared with her.

They’re not medical advice.  She has been to the doctor/emergency room and is in continued contact with her doctors.  She’s resting and elevating her ankle above her heart.

This is the holistic approach which I use with any healing situation, physical, emotional, or spiritual.  Because they are interwoven.


Calendula to help move lymph, to help clear away the stagnant bruise, to help reduce swelling and inflammation.  To make calendula tea, put about a jumbo-egg-sized clump of blossoms into a mug, cover with boiling water, cover the mug.  Let steep until not hot.  Drink.  This will make you pee, usually in about an hour.  Plan ahead!  It’s not fun when it’s hard to get about, but this will really help.
Rosemary to help with circulation.  Cook in food.  Spaghetti sauce, roasted potatoes, etc.


Helps the body to move blood and lymph to clear away damaged cells.  An old-school rubber hot water bottle is best, electric heating pad is another option.  Cover up with comforters.  Your body is working hard to heal.  You may have chills, you may get hot.  Adjust and work with what your body is telling you.

Energy Healing:

Reiki and other forms can be done in-person and from a distance (someone can be in California and do Reiki healing on someone in England).  Copper bracelet, pennies, pure copper either worn somewhere on her body, and preferably under her ankle while she’s resting with it elevated.


Ya, I said it.  Yes, it’s seriously Middle Ages old-school, but they do a beautiful job of healing stagnating blood issues because they “inject” a powerful anti-coagulant when they “bite.”  And then they suck out the congested blood.  Sounds mideval, but it’s extremely effective and helps to reduce pain.



Ask yourself what was happening right before the accident, what you’d been feeling in the time leading up to it, and take a look at an index like Louise Hay’s in You Can Heal Your Life.



Apples, cucumbers, oranges, blueberries.  Crucial to eat healthy, don’t drink, no drugs.



Helps to re-establish healthy flow of energy.


If you want private support,

I’m happy to do a coaching & healing session with you.

Tools I Recommend

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