I saw a beautiful bird at my feeder this morning and got the bright idea I should look up its symbolism.  I am so glad I did, because it confirmed something I’ve been working on healing for myself!

Family-of-origin wounds.  From this lifetime, from other lifetimes, generally that same soul group. 


I call those people Foos.  Like Mr. T, I don’t suffer no foos.  I also don’t pity them anymore.  Well, mostly. 

But healing from all that shit is vital to do.

Because it’s “been a minute” since I had a birdfeeder, and this wasn’t a common bird from previous experience, I had to look it up.  It had a very sturdy beak, a bright red splash on it’s breast, and was black and  white.

Turns out, it’s a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, sometimes called a Cut-Throat for the visual reasons.

The flashy ones are the males, and they’re great partners and parents, good providers, take their turn on the nest.

Their song is beautiful and melodic, and reminds us that we are an important note in the melody of Life.  In the melody of family.

Take a look at how your family and/or soul group has affected your current life patterns, past life challenges that bleed into today, and start fixing what needs fixin’.

Your life will get better right away.

Annnnnd it’s a process that happens in cycles, like progressing along a spring, a helix.  Soooo, don’t be disappointed in yourself if things you thought you’d dealt with come up again for further/deeper/additional healing.


If you’d like support, schedule a breakthrough session with me and I’ll recommend your best steps.


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