Being in a relationship with a narcissist is like being in a battle and getting blown up.

Over and over again. Like a war version of Groundhog Day.

๐Ÿ’” you feel shattered
๐Ÿ’” you’re missing parts
๐Ÿ’” there are holes everywhere
๐Ÿ’” you’ve jumped out of your skin so many times you don’t know ๐Ÿ’” where it is anymore
๐Ÿ’” your wiring is all messed up
๐Ÿ’” you don’t feel like yourself
๐Ÿ’” it feels like someone else moved in to your body and keeps trying to shove you out

So when someone (your ex, family, or someone new) comes along acting all loving, supportive, and telling you you’re great, it’s not surprising you have a double reaction:

1] YAY! about fucking time! I’m so ready I could burst!
2] Stay the fuck away from me you predator.

Welllllll, not exactly ideal, right?

โžก๏ธ You want to be able to receive good while perceiving and avoiding bad.

How the heck to do this?

Is this even possible after being blown up and patched back together like a Living Dead Frankenstein?


You can receive good and perceive bad.
You can protect yourself and thrive.

BUT….. (you knew that was coming)

โžก๏ธ …’ve got to heal and reassemble first.

Ya, unsexy, I know.

But possible, and you can do it.


โžก๏ธ Heal the parts that are ready, the places that have enough strength now to take one step forward.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

How do you find those parts? How do you gain more strength?

โžก๏ธ Message me.

I’ve got some options for you, from private coaching ($$$$$ for a year), to a self-paced course ($$$), to parts of that course ($$).

Let’s heal you.