Happy Halloween!!!!

Halloween is the Celtic New Year,

a time to dump whatever you’re ready to part ways with, in order to make room for what you *do* want.  A great way to do this is with a very simple ritual: write down everything you’re done with on paper, and burn it.  Thank it for being in your life and wish it well on its way.  Or bind it.  Whatever’s necessary, just dissipate it from your life.  Think of it as leaves finishing their time and falling away.  Sort of a Celtic psychic feng shui.

In Celtic tradition, fall is the time to gather in your harvest, winter is the time to rest and let what you want to create begin,

as in the womb — unseen, mostly untouchable, but growing, developing, gathering strength and embodiment.

Want some help figuring out what’s blocking your progress and what you should dump?

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Blessings, y’all!

Heather Cate's signature, Spiritual Coach for the Creative Soul




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