Happy Father’s Day! But if not, do this

As much as we may love them, fathers can be seriously problematic.

Like, stick-a-fork-in-me-I’m-done level. Like, stop grilling me. Keep your tongs to yourself.

The dad puns run on and on. Send me your favorites and I’ll compile a funnies list to keep us laughing through the pain.

Take this course before, during, and after the Day to keep yourself protected, balanced, and healthy.

Set up your spiritual teflon so that $h1t will just roll right off. Heal old wounds that surface unrequested even if you’re home trying to drown out the memories.

The course takes about half an hour (self-guided online)

including guided visualizations, energy healing, mudras, herbal teas, and a video walk through a forest to support your healing journey meditation.

Do this in your safe space at home, while traveling, and use some of the techniques even at the picnic table (nobody will know what you’re doing). Cut energetic cords, release unhealthy patterns.

Shed all that toxic cr@p, get back to your awesome self, and enjoy the present of YOU!

Heather Cate Spiritual Coach for the Creative Soul at Peacock & Paisley image: beach, sandcastle and tools, awesome little girl

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