What were your favorite Halloween costumes while you were growing up?

Mine were:

  • princess with tiara and magic wand
  • Wonder Woman
  • gypsy

My parents had to really twist my arm to get me out of the princess rut and into Wonder Woman

once or twice.  I think I went back to princess a time or two after WW, but I was getting a little old for it, so moved on to gypsy.  That costume was great!  I had gorgeous dangly rhinestone earrings that somebody in the 1920s really wore, swirly skirts layered, long but short enough to run in from house to house, cutting across yards, over low stone walls and through brush to hit as many houses as possible.  My bff and I had a route all figured out, too, by then: we covered all the close stuff where the majority of the crowds were, which was our neighborhood, then hit a little nearby neighborhood where a friend of ours lived but there were only a few houses on the street, so only their immediate neighbors and hard-core-ers like us showed up.  They had massive bowls full of good candy, like SweetTarts and chocolates –none of that gum or lolly pop cr@p.  And when we got there at the end of the night, cute and charming, breezy and tenacious, and only slightly disheveled from our flying romps through the neighborhoods, these far-flung neighbors greeted us with great cheer, glad to see us, happy in our happiness, and since the night had drawn to a close, they dumped the entire contents of those massive bowls of great treats right into our pillowcases.  Score!!

Is it wrong to like candy that much?  We weren’t worried about it.  At All.  We’d had a blast, we loved our costumes, they were still intact, and so were we.  We had successfully navigated unlit terrain while carrying plastic pumpkin heads and pillowcases progressively heavier and bulkier.  We had arrived at the big hit at precisely the perfect time — years of observation, planning and practiced had payed off.  We were duly satisfied.

We hauled our take home, sat on the floor of the living room, and sorted through the bounty.  Wow — great stuff.  And enough to keep us going through the winter all the way to Easter.  Well, not really, but maybe.  But unlikely.  But who cared?!  This was great!!!

What are your favorites now that you’re “all grown up”?

Mine is:

  • Sexy Witch!

What are you dressing up as this year?

Halloween is a great opportunity to express the inner you, the one not everyone around you necessarily likes, the one you really are, but don’t take the opportunity to properly play out.  Well, your day is coming!  Literally, right around the corner, like, next week!  Take the opportunity to go out on a limb and really let it all hang out.  See how it feels!  Like it, love it, not so much?  Tweak it!  Make it yours, translate it into your every day, and shine your light, be your self that YOU really like. Because you’re important in and to the world, just as the you that you really are, from the inside out.  Be genuine.  It’s life changing.

Want help getting to the core you, clearing away what isn’t you, letting your hair down and being proud of it?  Contact me!  It’s what I do. Life coaching, spiritual coaching, intuitive readings, healing — getting you to your best life.

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