I just finished reading an absolutely wonderful True Story — Here If You Need Me, by Kate Braestrup.

For any of you out there who wonder what it’s like to survive the loss of a spouse, read this. For anyone wondering what it’s like to provide professional spiritual support to people who deal with life’s tragedies and injustices, read this.

I laughed, I cried, I marveled all the way through the memoir, from the first page to the last. Kate weaves a masterful tapestry of her life starting essentially from the point her beloved husband is killed in a tragic accident and explaining how she picked up his mantle and became chaplain to the Maine State Wardens and those they assist.

The book also comes in audio format, narrated by the author herself. She was quite impressive, humble, human and entertaining during an interview on 207. 207 is a Maine tv magazine. You can read an excerpt of Here If You Need Me on the Unitarian Universalist web site.  Kate Braestrup herself is a UU minister.

If you’re wondering whether you can survive the worst the world has thrown your way, read this book, or listen to it. In the midst of death and tragedy, Kate Braestrup illustrates how the human spirit and Divine Love heal.