Going Grain-Free has been a beautiful blessing for me

Difficult to do, but with amazing health and wellness benefits.

I did this with the help and support of others, and I’m here to offer the same to you.

Each person has to find what’s best for them, through thoughtful trial and error.  With a little coaching, you can avoid much of the error!  Contact me below and let me know how I can help you.



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Two years ago, I accidentally embarked on an amazing journey in health. It's been challenging, rewarding, and amazing, and people have been asking me since I started to share the details with them.  While it was working really well for me and others that I knew, I...

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Detox Tips

Detox Tips

A Facebook friend recently asked people about their experiences with and advice on detoxing.  Here's my answer. My advice is to start reeallllllllyyyyy slow and with tiny amounts of whatever you use to assist you.  I've been using FlorEssence (which is an essiac) for...

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