Two years ago, I accidentally embarked on an amazing journey in health.

It’s been challenging, rewarding, and amazing, and people have been asking me since I started to share the details with them.  While it was working really well for me and others that I knew, I wanted to test it out for a while before I got on a soap box about it, in case there were any pitfalls.  Well, it’s a journey: there are bumps and potholes in the road, crazy curves, and unexpected hazards, as well as straightaways and awesome, exhilarating rides and views.  I keep learning something new almost every day, often the hard way.  So, I’m going to share as I go.

What’s the big deal?  Being healthy and happy is wonderful!

And it can be so much easier when you have the right information and tools.  In my case, going grain-, legume-, and GMO-free is life-changing: I easily dropped 50 pounds in 3 months, a grand total of 70 pounds in 6 months.  And I feel great!  Physically and emotionally.

Unfortunately, I gained 20 pounds back because of sneakily-contaminated foods.

And that is why I am here writing this post this morning.  I want to share what I know with the hopes that it will help you.

The big, less-fat disclaimer: I’m not a doctor.  I share information with you which you can use as part of your decision-making process.  I encourage you to work with whatever health professional you are comfortable with.  And, in some cases, I will provide links to products which –if you buy through that link– I’ll get a small payment for.  Thank you!  That will help me continue sharing info here.