One of my favorite spiritual books is Messages from Your Angels, by Doreen Virtue. I like what she’s doing in helping people to access their psychic abilities and their spiritual helpers, to distinguish between fear-based messages and divine guidance. The book is easy and fun to read, and has great examples of experiences.

I happened to find my copy of Messages From Your Angels in Salem, Massachusetts, the “city of witchcraft”, in a metaphysical store. On a shelf near athames and goddess figures was this book just glowing out at me. And some Angel Cards, for which Doreen is also famous. They are like tarot cards, but they emphasize assistance from the angelic realm.

I grew up with God, Jesus, and angels, but more along the lines of pray for a miracle generically and something good will happen. I didn’t know that it was best to be very very specific about exactly what and how and where and when you wanted what you were asking for. I also wasn’t aware that there are specific angels to call on for different purposes, or that you need to ask for their help before they can do so. I think in some ways, the standard Protestant version of Christianity glosses over some miraculous helpers.

Here is a little taste of Messages From Your Angels. I hope it provides inspiration at just the right moment for you:

Archangel Jeremiel’s name means “mercy of God.” Jeremiel is an inspirer who motivates us to devote ourselves to spiritual acts of service. He’s also involved with the process of attaining Divine wisdom. Call upon Jeremiel if you feel “stuck” spiritually, and to regain enthusiasm about your spiritual path and Divine mission.

If you would like some help working with your guardian angels and/or in sorting out your spiritual path, email me. I am happy to work with you.