you have an energetic pattern stuck within you

In order to get it out, you need to build up your inner strength, balance, and spiritual health — which is intertwined with your physical and mental well-being.

In order to keep it out, you have to keep up the daily wellbeing practices that I’ve taught you and which are in the Soul Garden.

It’s a process, not a pill.

When you “enjoy” ruminating/marinating in anger, upset with other people devaluing you, hurting you, insulting you, and yet you continue to put yourself into those patterns, it may be because the anger is helping you to avoid looking at a pain-point. You’re using the anger to keep you from feeling the pain.

And/or, that energy pattern feeds off your upset, and you are so used to the “old friend”/pattern that you don’t want to release it.

It’s time to release it.

Since you’re reading this, the Divine has brought you this info to answer questions, fill in the blanks, and shine light on a healthy path forward for you.

If you’d like support, schedule a breakthrough session with me and I’ll recommend your best steps.


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