Anxiety sucks!

Whether you can identify exactly what the problem is (the plague, politics, violence), or whether it just hits you whenever it effin’ feels like, anxiety can run you ragged.

But did you know there ARE easy things you CAN do?


Today, we’re going to start with (you guessed it, my favorite) FOOD

“Let food be thy medicine.” Hippocrates
Food can either heal or hurt, far more drastically than most Americans are willing to admit to themselves.

You’re gonna hate me, but cut out the junk food

It depletes your body of vitamins and minerals it needs to function, and it throws your brain chemistry out of whack, which absolutely leads to anxiety and depression.

Cut out booze, smoke/vape, and “recreational” drugs.

Same problems as junk food, but worse.

Start eating 2 Brazil nuts each day.

It takes about 2 weeks to build up in your system, but once it does (and provided you’re not toxifying with junk and drugs), you will have what your body chemistry needs to have a better overall mood, a healthy(ier) functioning thyroid, less inflammation (swollen joints, etc.) throughout your body and your brain, and it helps you to have the proper amount of testosterone. Yup, ladies, we need that so-called male hormone, too.

Eat organic beets, beef liver, sunflower seeds: great sources of Vit B3.

Get more info here, and see if you have any of the other symptoms that a lack of Vit B3 can cause, and some of what your body may feel like as you detox with its help >>
Ahhhhh, detoxing. It sucks, but it’s crucial to healing.

So, as you make changes, know that you may feel crappier for a little while until your body regains healthy balance.

If you have questions while you’re doing this, check in with me here.

Drink lots and lots of pure water. Not city water.

Your body needs it for all functions, especially detoxing.

Anxiety that is not caused by body imbalances is all about being afraid of things you can’t control and the build-up of unhealthy toxins within yourself because you’re not able to take action and get those stress reactions out of your body.

Work on fixing the “easy” things like diet, exercise, and spiritual practices so that you can clear them out of the way and see any root causes that were hiding behind them.

When you find the root of your anxiety, and you’ve built up the inner strength and balance, you can attack the cause, you can take action, and you can MAKE CHANGE. <3
Which of these things do you want to start with? Put an emoji in the comments!

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