This bagua is a great tool for guiding the energy in your living and working spaces to produce results you want — a better love life, career, health, finances — everything!

Bagua — use this to set up healthy energy patterns in your home and workplace.  Hold this side against your stomach, and stand in the doorway to the room or building you’re working on.

Use colors, objects, and a lack of clutter (! — very important) to shift the energies in your life.

The Sections:


  • Colors: purples, blues, reds, gold
  • Elements:  wood and water elements here such as fish, aquarium, money, jewelry, fountains, any red, purple or gold items
  • Number: 4
  • Life Topics: abundance, prosperity, opportunity, self-worth, fortunate blessings, your ability to receive, generate cash flow
  • Helpful Objects: water: fountains, aquariums, waterfalls; valuable collectibles, expensive art; round shapes, flags, windsocks, wind chimes



  • Colors: reds, oranges
  • Number: 9
  • Life Topics: what you are famous (or infamous) for, social life, reputation
  • Helpful Objects: fireplace, triangular, sun, fire, people, animals, trophies, candles, awards, diplomas, plants, incense, or any red, orange or purple items
  • Elements: Fire



  • Colors: Reds, Pinks, Whites
  • Elements:  Earth
  • Number: 2
  • Life Topics: love, marriage, the feminine, your mother, improve self-esteem, couples, romance, relationships, partnerships (even in business)
  • Helpful Objects: Pairs of candles, hearts, doves, photo of lovers, erotic art.  Paired objects like crystals, statues or pictures of loved ones, round or oval mirrors or just anything pink. Make sure it’s paired off to represent the unity of two people, if that’s what you want.  If what you want is a bunch of lovers, use multiple objects.


  • Colors: Whites, Silver, Pastels, light earth tones
  • Elements: metal
  • Life Topics: conception, adoption, children, creativity, your ability to complete things
  • Helpful Objects: Keep your computer in this area, artwork or puzzles and of course, white objects, artwork by children, photos of children, whimsical art, round, bells, hands
  • Number: 7


  • Colors: Blacks, whites, grays, mauve, silver
  • Elements: metal and water
  • Number: 6
  • Life Topics: benefactors, support network, the masculine, your father, attract clients or mentors, travel or relocate
  • Helpful Objects: photos of where you want to travel, angels, spiritual altar, pictures of spiritual guides


  • Colors: blacks, blues, charcoal gray
  • Helpful Objects: water fountains, waterfalls, aquariums, mirrors, images of future goals you want to achieve, glass, artwork of lakes and water, free-form shapes
  • Number: 1
  • Life Topics: communication, social connections, wisdom, change jobs, switch career fields


  • Colors: greens, blues, blacks
  • Life Topics: Improving your knowledge in a particular area or acquiring new skills, self-understanding, learning, your spiritual life, self-awareness
  • Elements: earth
  • Helpful Objects: bookcases, books or tools for self development, photos of wise people, teachers
  • Number: 8


  • Colors: greens, blues
  • Elements: wood
  • Helpful Objects: photos of family, flowers, plants, heirlooms, ideal body images, cylindrical
  • Life Topics: family issues, such as boundaries, communication, harmony within home and the people in it, new beginnings, your ability to initiate, your health, community
  • Number: 3


  • Colors: yellow, orange, brown, red
  • Helpful Objects: sun, square, rectangle, meditation area, bowls and quiet music
  • Life Topics: Whatever happens here affects everything else.  It’s a power center: focus on this to help your manifesting, to boost all other areas.  Achieve balance, recover from illness, increase athletic abilities.
  • Elements: earth and fire
  • Number: 5

Have the right intentions:

While you’re making these changes, be sure to focus on the positive results you want to create with Spirit’s help.

You might even want to do just one section at a time to test out the feng shui for yourself, to see the results with your own eyes.  That’s what I did!  I started playing with feng shui and this particular type of bagua last fall.

It’s easy to start — just use things you already have:

  • towels
  • throw rugs
  • candles
  • blankets
  • vases
  • bowls
  • mirrors
  • coins
  • flowers

Or, go out and buy fresh, new items.  Stay away from flea markets and thrift stores unless you are very good (and experienced) at clearing the energy of objects other people have used.

If you need a new color in an area, but aren’t excited about the idea and work of painting it, just use a towel or sheet draped in the area to see how it affects the energy.  It’s surprising what an impact that simple action can have.

Clear the energy:

Before, during, and after making your feng shui changes using the bagua, clear the energy of the room and of the area you’re working on.  Sometimes this is surprisingly difficult and can feel like you are moving a big pile of sludge — and you are!  Be proud of yourself for pulling it off, and keep clearing every day until it feels like the new, light, flowing energy is established and dominant.

Use white sage, which you can buy in the bulk section of your health food store, at a metaphysical store, or online.  Burn just the tip of it, put out the flame, and either wave it around in the air to spread the smoke, or use your hand or a feather to do the same thing.  Use a singing bowl.  Carry a chime, bell, or windchime around the area with you, using sound to clear the space.  You can chant or sing.  Turn on your favorite music, or music that puts you into a mood you want to have.  Use all of the above in any combination.  Pray to your spiritual helpers for their guidance and assistance in creating the energy that best benefits you and creates harmony and good relationships with all who enter your space.

Let us know what changes happen for you!

Please let me know down in the comments section how you put this bagua into use and the changes that come about afterwards!  They can be absolutely magical.  What are your favorite tips?