I’m not kidding: you, too, can learn to walk upright.


Do you ever feel like you’re doing the same old thing over and over again, that it’s not helping you, and you know you can do better, but you just feel stuck?  Like there’s something wrong with you?  Like everyone around you can do what you want so badly to do, but you’ve just never been able to do it.  And everyone around you assumes that’s your best.  They try to accept you the way you are, you try to accept you the way you are, but really you feel maddeningly frustrated, and so do they.

Maybe you’re stuck in an unhealthy pattern with work, relationships, drugs, money….. the list is endless, but you know inside feels stuck.

Look to this family of “hand-walkers” for inspiration. Five out of the 11 adult children, until last year, walked on all fours.  Now they are walking upright.  Some with the aid of walkers, mind you, but even the man who had been written off as forever doomed to walk on all fours.  By the end of the documentary, you’ll see him walk upright on his own.  Somewhat stumbling on occasion, but don’t we all.  The important thing is that he’s walking, on his own.  And you can, too.

What did it take?  Some extra coaching, some helpful tools, some understanding of how to overcome their personal challenges.  Because of these things, but mostly because of their own drive, these people are moving towards meeting their own personal goals, which happen to be about relationships, money, living well.  One of the sisters wanted to be able to go to a dance, so that she could hopefully meet potential husbands.  Simple, yet profound and universal.

Take your first steps today.  Call a life coach, call your best friend, talk to your minister, rabbi, imam.  Get the stumbling blocks figured out, plan some baby steps towards your goals, and WALK.  You may stumble, you may fall, you may have to revert to old patterns while you’re down there, but you know how to get up, you know how to walk, and the more you do it, the better you’ll get.

Then dance!  Shake your groove thang!  And get a move on – your goals are waiting for you to get there.


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