Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.  –Henry Ford

Fall is an amazing time – an ending and a beginning, a time of rest which leads to re-creation in a period of time.   The Celts celebrated their New Year not in January as we do, but around Halloween, the end of October.  To me, it makes much more sense.  There is an ending, a clearing away, a time of stillness, relaxation and quiet regeneration.

Sometimes when things don’t work quite the way we want them to, it’s good to mimic Fall.  Stop, reflect, let things end and go away.  Keep the root structure, the bones, the architecture that you like.  Get rid of that which you don’t.  Blanket yourself in stillness.  And quietly rebuild the strength to start again when conditions are more favorable.

Spring is coming.

What are you ready to release?

What will you do differently?

One very useful Samhain, or Celtic New Year, rite is to write down on paper that which you are done with – bad experiences, bad blood between you and other people, ways of doing business, bad habits, bad ways of treating yourself, anything you don’t want anymore.  And then one by one, toss those into a fire.

Preferably a bonfire.  If that’s not convenient, a candle placed under your stove’s exhaust hood will work.  Burn them up, let them go.  Brush your hands off, and walk in a new way.

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Holistic Coaching, Spiritual Counseling

Holistic Coaching, Spiritual Counseling


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