Here’s an interesting site for improving and maintaining great vision and eye health, especially if you work at a computer for long periods of time. They have an animated character who actually demonstrates the exercise. Kind of fun, and easy to do the animated eye exercises. These really help to improve your vision health. Eye exercises, done carefully and regularly, can eliminate the need for glasses, contact lenses, and surgery.

The principle behind improving vision through eye exercises is that vision is controlled through 8 separate muscles, 2 within the eye, and 6 surrounding it. Just like muscles in your back, legs, or any other part of your body, the eye muscles require regular stretching and strengthening to maintain good working order.

Are you nearsighted (myopic)? Or farsighted? These are the kinds of exercises that will improve your vision and gradually reduce or eliminate any need for corrective lenses or surgery. Lasik and laser surgeries work well for many people, but occasionally, there are mistakes and people are blinded — you don’t need to go to that extreme and risk such a valuable thing as your eyesight!

Another excellent alternative healing method for vision is acupuncture. A good acupuncturist can usually bring your vision back to the point where you don’t need glasses anymore.

Not so excited about needles, no matter how small they are? Then try working with Rosemary Gordon, a holistic vision healer. She has healed her own vision over the years, as well as countless other people’s, and combines techniques from various complementary medicines including yoga, the Bates Method, and Reiki.